Alexander Stuart wrote to Hans Sloane about his visit to Leeuwenhoek's house

January 4, 1710

Alexander Stuart to Hans Sloane, 4 January 1710 (British Library, Sloane MS 4042, fol. 83)

Much Honoured Sir

Being sensible of the many obligations I ow you, I should have pay’d you my Respects per first after my Arrival; but that I was unwilling to give you the trouble of a Letter, untill I cou’d satisfie you of the delivery of the Last twelve Months Philosophical Transactions sent by me to Mr Leeuvenhoeck: which indeed I could not deliver till Thursday Last, without Looseing some Colledges, which I could not easily retrive.

Mr Leeuvenhoeck was extremely pleased with them and expressed a very great Respect for you, of which he gave me a very sensible proof by a kinde deception: and, which I esteemed most, he favoured me with a sight of some of his Microscopes, and of some several Objects by them.- Besides that his Microscopes are excellent, the manner of setting them and the Objects to them, seem’d to me a little uncommon and very advantagious; tho that may be owing to my want of Experience in any considerable variety of that kinde: therefor I do not writ you any particulars about them.