Francis Aston wrote to Leeuwenhoek about the translation of a Dutch phrase

October 1, 1683

Letter Book Original volume 9 pp. 26-27

Mr. Aston to Mr. Leewenhoeck
mentioning the Receipt of his
Letter &c.

I Have received your Letter of the 17th of September, which I will not fail to communicate to the Society as soon as they meet (after their usual Vacation) which I think will be in a weeks time. I forgot to ask you in my last letter whether by the words Het plaetie of Stipie van het doyr, you did not mean the Cicatricula which is a speck like an Eye sticking to the Outside of the coat of the yoalk, this is the principall part without the chicken has its first original. But (you know) the chicken is first nourisht by the white of the Egg, and afterwards when that is consumed by the yoalk. In this Cicatricula, which is in all Eggs, Malpighius has found the Lineaments of the Chicken. And I suppose this is the part where the Animal of the Male seed may be received. I hope the last Transactions I sent are come to your hands, when three or 4 more are publisht I le send them according to your directions. I wish you good Success in all your undertakings, and shall be very glad to serve you in what lyes in my power as &c. London October 1st. 1683. S. V.