brother-in-law Jan Jacobs Molijn permitted to become city painter

December 29, 1644

In the Consentboek (permits or licenses book), Leeuwenhoek's brother-in-law (and step-brother) Jan Jacobs Molijn got permission from the city to be a city painter. His father Jacob Jans had the same job.


OAD 650 1 Consentboek 1577-1663; fol. 277v

The entry on page 277v had stadtsschilder (city painter) in the margin.

Jan Molijn is vergunt stadtsschilder te wesen ende de verven tot des stadswercken te leveren mits dat hij d'selver alle redelickheijt in sijn reeckeningen sal stellen ende dit tot wederseggen van heeren burgemeesteren.

Jan Molijn is allowed to be a city painter and to deliver paints to the city workers, provided that he will draw up his bills with all reasonableness in his bills and this until the lord mayors say otherwise.