Calvinist Revolution (1618)

August 29, 1618

In 1618 Maurice of Orange, son of Willem, led a military coup that resulted in 1619 in the public execution of Grand Pensionary Johan van Oldenbarnevelt.

Maurice took the side of the conservative Calvinists (aka anti-Remonstrants) and the provinces other than Holland. They convened the Synod of Dort to debate the theological differences with the more liberal Remonstrants. Maurice's victory led to the dominance of the House of Orange, which continues today.

In 1618, Maurice had most or all of the members of several of Holland's city councils (Veertigraden) replaced with those loyal to him. The process of replacement was called a Wetsverzettingen, literally a legal or legislative repositioning.

In Delft, half of the Veertigraad was replaced, including several of Leeuwenhoek's relatives.

Another Wetsverzettingen took place during the Disaster Year 1672.