Maria's van Leeuwenhoek's estate partly distributed to her heirs

September 15, 1746

This notary act documents the distribution (scheiding) of daughter Maria's estate to her heirs.

The total value of the estate's distributed assets: 79,444 gulden 13 stuivers

When she died, Maria was one of the richest people in Delft.

Major bequests

Margareta Cornelia Hobus 25,847 gl (1/2)
Philips de Molijn 8,423 gl (1/8)
Maria, Cornelis, Adriana, and Dirk Haaxman 4,017 gl each, total 16,068 gl (3/8)

Minor bequests

Margareta and Jacoba Sceperus, 500 gl
Josina van der Sprenkel 4,000 gl in bonds and 130 gl to Josina at 10 gl for 13 years from 7 August 1732 to MvL's death. Also deducted 400 for the Oosteinde house
Judith Oosterhout 100 gl
Barbara van der Sprenkel 200 gl 
Arij Oosterhout and Maria van der Sprenkel 2,000 gl 
Kamer van Charitaten opperste kleed 100 gl and for the grave monument 1,000 gl 
Van der Lely and Assendelft, 1,000 each, for their services
Philippus de Molijn for wearing mourning clothing for a year 1000 gl
making the document, paying for seals and officials' services


ONA Delft inv. 2792, no. 52, p. 179 Joris Geesteranus