Delft's mayors annulled Leeuwenhoek's position of district supervisor

December 23, 1711

At the end of 1711, Delft's mayors annulled the position of district supervisor (wijkmeester-generaal).

The relevant section begins at the bottom of page 118v (left; my trans.):

[margin] Nullification of the General Wijkmeeter

The mayors and managers of the City of Delft, on the occasion of the taking up the City Accounts, have found that under ordinary expenses of the Treasurer was an item of fifty guilders annually, to the benefit of Antony Leeuwenhoek as Wijkmeester-Generaal, over the districts and quarters of this city and that the oversight of same districts and quarters were entrusted to the six quartermasters that the general Wijkmeesters came to complicate, have approved annulling the previously named Wijkmeesterschap-Generaal, similarly, the compensation is annulled by them, except that the previously named Leeuwenhoek will retain the compensation of fifty guilders annually during his life. Done on 23 December 1711 by all the mayors.


Resolutieboeken van de burgemeesters was in Leeuwenhoek's time called the Memoriaalboek voor burgemeesters

15de Memoriaal van Burgemeesteren van Delft inv 16.5 fol 118v and 119