Edmond Halley wrote a letter to Leeuwenhoek about a gift from the Royal Society and requesting some portraits

May 25, 1686

Transcribed here verbatim. This letter is not in Alle de Brieven / Collected Letters. It is dated May 15, Old Style, which would be May 25, New Style. That places it in the week after the Royal Society decided to send a gift to Leeuwenhoek on May 19, New Style, which was the date in Birch's history.

Worthy Sir

Since my last of ye 2d of march. we have recievd your answer thereto, and lately another of ye fourteenth courant. the first has been read before the Society, and the latter shall be as soon as translated: the remarks that have been made thereon you shall shortly have by the Post; this being only intended to accompany a small present, which the Society as a mark of their respect & gratitude for the pains you take to obliging them, has thought fit to send you: tis a book they have printed lately at their own charges, being the Natural History of Fishes by Mr. Willoughby which you will find a work of great curiosity, the Gentleman that has undertaken to deliver it you, is a very knowing & curious person, & ye Society would esteem it an obligation, if you should think fit to let him view in your most incomparable microscope some of those many curiosities, wherewith from time to time you entertain us, so much to our satisfaction, I have yet one further request to you, wch is, that several Gentlemen of the Society, who are your admirers, have heard that yr Picture is of late curiously graved have ordered me to desire of you some few prints to adorn their studies, and one for the Societies meeting room, where you will be sure to be in good company, which you shall think fit to send, you may please to deliver to this Gentleman Mr. Colson for ye Society, & they will be sure to come to hand.

Yrs. &c.
Ed: Halley.

Two weeks later, Leeuwenhoek responded to this letter and to Colson's visit in Letter 51 of June 10, 1686.