Gasthuislaan 5


Gasthuislaan 5


south side 2 properties abutting each other 9 and 10 east of Brabanste Turfmarkt

current use: 

large apartment building

year built: 
ORA inv. 281-283 or 285 fol.: 
Adriaen Claesz Meuijt
family owner: 
Elias de Meij
sale letter fol.: 
Sijmon Haverlingh 4x11v

Elias de Meij (-1646) paid the 1632-1654 verponding 383v2. These two properties are adjacent and have the same ownership history and sales letters.

His purchase is documents in the Delft archives: Losse aanwinsten Delft, Archiefnummer 598, Inventarisnummer 61, Charternummer 6066

On April 1, 1649, Elias de Meij, saaidrapier, bought this property from Adriaen Claesz Meuijt, who received payments for the verponding (housing tax). The previous owner was Jan Borgersz, a shoemaker. At the time, the city Weeshuis (orphanage) bordered this property on the west. Because Elias seems to have died in 1646, perhaps his widow or his estate bought it?

1832 Kadaster number: 

E0229, E0230