Hippolytusbuurt 1


on the north corner of the Nieuwstraat where it meets the Niuewe Delft gracht.

current use: 

combined with the property to the north (Leeuwenhoek's), the old buildings were demolised to make one store, now selling clothing.

ORA inv. 281-283 or 285 fol.: 
family owner: 
sale letter fol.: 

When Leeuwenhoek moved into the house next door in 1655, this house on the corner was owned by Cornelis Arents s'Gravesande, who was the uncle of Dr. Cornelis Isaacs s'Gravesande, the City's anatomist after 1661 and an important influence on Leeuwenhoek. At the time, Cornelia, probably Cornelis Arents' granddaughter, was living there with her husband Jochum Brugman.

After them, sometime in the 1688, the house was bought by the printer Hendrick Cronevelt, who printed some of Leeuwenhoek's later volumes.