Jan van Leeuwen wrote Letter L-327 of 1697-08-18 to Leeuwenhoek, sending a box of straw and wheat ears said to have been ruined by honey-dew falling from the sky

August 18, 1697

This letter is known only by reference in L.’s reply.

In this letter, Van Leeuwen writes to L. to follow up on their conversation by sending a box with straw and wheat ears that Van Leeuwen’s neighbors claim were ruined by honey-dew falling from the sky.



Letter 187 [109] L-328 of 3 September 1697 to Jan van Leeuwen

I have duly received your welcome letter of the 18th as well as the little box with straw and wheat-ears, etc.

However stubbornly the people in your parts try to maintain the falling of the supposed honey-dew, yet I was firmly convinced that I should be able to show how erroneous are their fictitious stories (if only I had the fruits on which they pointed out their supposed honey-dew), as I discussed orally with you in more detail. Now you have been so kind as to send me, at my request, the said box with straw and wheat-ears, which were handed to you by three different persons, all of whom say that the infected straw and wheat-ears have been spoiled by the honey-dew.