Johannes Blaukamer

Other name: 
Blaeucamer, Blaaucamer, Blaauwkamer, Blaeuwcamer, Blauwcamer, Blauwkamer, Blaucamer, Blankamer
business partner and co-worker at the Stadhuis
Death or Burial date: 
May 30, 1699

When his first child died in 1658, Blaukamer was noted as living on the Boterbrugge. For 1667 warf tax (kadegeld) and for the child who died in 1669, and those thereafter, he was noted as living on the Oude Delft.

When he was buried in the Oude Kerk, the records noted that he lived on Oude Delft over de Kloksteeg.

The 1667 warf tax record notes that Blaucamer was a court messenger (gerechts boode), but for what court is not noted. The 1677 real estate document notes that Blaeucamer was an official (deurwaarder), though it doesn't say for what institution. Nevertheless, he was a colleague of Leeuwenhoek at the Stadhuis.

The 1679 Kohier van de wijnimpost (OAD inv 1763a fol. 29) lists him as living in the 14th quarter of the city, which includes the Oude Delft as well as Leeuwenhoek's house. 1/2 and paid 8