Koornmarkt 72


Koornmarkt 72


east side small property corner of Kromstraat and a storage house fronting on Koornmarkt north side

current use: 

store below, residence above; D399 now back end of restaurant at Koornmarkt 74

year built: 
ORA inv. 281-283 or 285 fol.: 
no one
family owner: 
Aeltge Sebastians van den Berch
Tester van Hasselt notary 4n135v

Both properties have the same history. The smaller may have been a storehouse for either fabrics or beer or both (van Seters 1952). Great-grandfather Sebastian Cornelis van den Berch (-1605) paid the 1620 verponding 206r3a. In a transaction on 1619 07/01, notary Gerrit Adriaens van der Wel, He gave it to his daughter great-aunt Aeltge Sebastians van den Berch (-1649), who paid the 1632-1654 verponding 212v2a along with Jan Jacobs van den Berch, her nephew and Antony's uncle. Van Seters (1952) says that it was in the family of Antony's mother's side from 1543 - 1655, thus no sale letter. But van Hasselt didn't become a notary until 1658, so the sale to him must have been after van Seters' date.

House name: De Bel or De Vergulde Bel

1832 Kadaster number: 

D0399, D0400