Maerten Abrahams Hogenhouck

great-grandmother Neeltje's nephew Abraham's son
Death or Burial date: 
March 11, 1673

When they married, he was living on Koornmarkt.

Did he get C1103 now Oude Delft 157 (behind 161) from Pieter Molijn? - Achter de Gevels says yes, but ….

He inherited D0601 now Koornmarkt 20 from his father in 1642.

He acquired D0624 now Brabantse Turfmarkt 43, the back of which almost touches the back of Koornmarkt 20.

He owned D0642 now Huyterstraat south side.

He owned E0662, E0663, and E0664, then outside the Zuidergracht, now on the east side of the north foot of St. Sebastian bridge.