Antonio Magliabechi wrote to Leeuwenhoek, a "most courteous and agreeable letter"

March 16, 1686

This letter is known only by reference in a later letter that Leeuwenhoek sent to Magliabechi.


On 30 October 1686. Leeuwenhoek wrote to Magliabechi,

I replied to Your Honour's most courteous and agreeable letter of the 16th March, Most Illustrious. Highly Learned and very Renowned Sir, by my missive of the 14th April, and in addition sent my latest observations which by then had been printed2). Since which time I have again made some slight observations and had them printed; these I sent on the 10th of last month to the Rev. Father Papenbroek, with the added request to forward the same at his early convenience to you, Most Ill., Highly Learned and very Renowned Sir. I do hope that there may be something in it that will please you.