Henry Oldenburg wrote Letter L-033 to Leeuwenhoek and pre-paid the postage

February 20, 1676

This letter is known only by reference in L.’s reply.

The date is New Style, which was ten days ahead of the Old Style date of 10 February used by Oldenburg in London.

This letter is not calendared in Hall and Hall, The Correspondence of Henry Oldenburg.

Oldenburg’s previous letter to Leeuwenhoek is Letter L-032 of 13 February 1676, a week earlier, to which Leeuwenhoek did not reply before he received the present letter. Leeuwenhoek’s next letter, Letter L-034 of 22 February 1676, Collected Letters, vol. 1, is a reply to Letter L-032. Leeuwenhoek did not reply to the present letter until two months later with Letter L-035 of 21 April 1676, idem, vol 2. Oldenburg’s next letter is Letter L-036 of 14 May 1676.


Letter L-035 of 21 April 1676 to Henry Oldenburg:

Since then, I have received through Mr. Constantijn Huygens some of the Transactions, and your welcome letter of Febr. 10th. I thank you very much for it but could have wished to be allowed to pay for it. This not being the case I hope I shall be able to render you a service.