Reinier de Graaf 1641-1673

Houtzager, H. L.
Rotterdam: Erasmus Publishing

Four chapters of this book are especially applicable to the events in Leeuwenhoek's life:

Rozemond A.J.H. De toestand in de wereld van 1667-1673. pp 9-40

Palm, L. De Graafs invloed op Van Leeuwenhoek. pp 41-52

Houtzager, H. L., Het experimenteel geneeskundig onderzoek in ons land ten tijde van Reinier de Graaf. pp 53-82

Snelders, H. A. M., Reinier de Graaf (1641-1673) en de iatrochemie. pp 83-96

note: iatrochemistry is early pharmacology, influenced by alchemy. Practiced in the 16th and 17th centuries, most famously by Paracelsus, it sought to address the balance of the bodily fluids which comprise the four humors. Wikipedia en | nl