Samuel Hoole, translator of Leeuwenhoek's Select works, with notes on that publication.

Dobell, C.
41, no. 2, p 171-180
Chicago: University of Chicago Press

Two decades after he published his biography of Leeuwenhoek, Clifford Dobell wrote an article about Samuel Hoole. It detailed Dobell's search for information about Hoole's life as well as what he found. He ended the article with a summary, here broken into bullet points:

The Rev. SAMUEL HOOLE, M.A. (1758-1839). Born (probably at Moorfields, London) 1758.

  • Son of John Hoole (1727-1803: accountant to the East India Company and translator of Tasso and Ariosto) by his wife Susannah Smith.
  • Matriculated Oxford (Magdalen Hall) 14 July I780 and took Holy Orders. (M.A. c. 1786).
  • Attended Samuel Johnson, the lexicographer, in his last illness (1784).
  • Curate at Church of St Alban, Wood Street (London) c. 1785. Published Sermons, I786 (2nd edition 1795). Curate at Parish Church (St James) Abinger, Surrey, 1786-1794.
  • Married (1791) Elizabeth, daughter of Arthur Young, F.R.S. (1741-1820), the agriculturist. (She died 1794, aged 26.)
  • Returned to Moorfields and published Select Works of Leeuwenhoek (part i, Vol. I) 1798 (Vol. I, part 2, 1799: Vol. II, part 3, 1807).
  • Remarried (between 1794 and 1804), and had an only son John (born c. 1805, died 1868: Curate at Poplar).
  • Chaplain to East India Company and minister of St Matthias, Poplar (East London), 1802. First Rector of Poplar 1823 till his death, aged 81, on 28 February 1839.