Hans Sloane received a letter from Dr. Archibald Adams about the making of microscopes

August 11, 1709

On this day, Dr. Adams addressed a letter to Royal Society secretary and Philosophical Transactions editor Hans Sloane.

Pursuant to what I wrote some time ago concerning Microscopes, I think that all the Microscopes which preceded Mr. Leeuwenhoek's are so much outdone by his, that it will be proper for me only to take notice of these and the rest of later invention, not designing to lessen their Usefulness, but only to add a few thoughts which may be of service.

I had not an opportunity of examining Mr. Leeuwenhoek's glasses particularly, which is a favour, he allows to none; therefore I am not capable at this distance to describe either their make or life, any further than that to me they appear’d to be spherules lodg’d between two plates of gold or brass, in a hole whose diameter might not be bigger than that of a small pins head, and the objects I saw through them were pretty and diverting; but still their make and truth are unknown.