Studies on Christiaan Huygens

Bos, H. J. M. (ed.)
Swets & Zeitlinger: Lisse

Table of contents

Foreword, H.B. G. Casimir

Christiaan Huygens - a biographical sketch, H.J.M. Bos
Chronology, J.A. van Maanen
The role of the Huygens family in seventeenth-century Dutch culture, A. G.H. Bachrach
Huygens and France, Roger Hahn
Huygens' scientific contacts with England, M.B. Hall
Huygens and the problem of Cartesianism, Robert S. Westman
Christiaan Huygens and the concept of matter, H.A.M. Snelders
Huygens and mathematics, H.J.M. Bos
Huygens and the astronomers, Albert Van Helden
Huygens and mechanics, Alan Gabbey
Huygens' kinematic theory of light, Alan E. Shapiro
Christiaan Huygens and his instrument makers, J.H. Leopold
Christiaan Huygens: The measurement of time and longitude at sea, Michael S. Mahoney
Christiaan Huygens on consonance and the division of the octave, H.F. Cohen

Summary of the Symposium, A.R. Hall