Visited by Gilbert and Thomas Burnet

July 7, 1707

Gilbert Burnet (1643-1715) was bishop of Salisbury and his brother Thomas Burnet (1632?-1715?) was the personal physician of Queen Anne. Their sons studied at the university in Leiden.

On 12th of July 1707, Leeuwenhoek wrote:

To the Very Noble Sirs, Gentlemen of the Royal Society in London. My last humble letter to you, Very Noble Sirs, was that of the 5th inst.; since then I have received the Transactions Nos 301 to 309, as also a list of the Royal Society, for which I am highly grateful.

I also received, on the 7th inst., via Mr. Burnett, one of the members of the Royal Society, a letter written by Mr. Hans Sloane, dated the 23rd of April 1707, which was very welcome to me and in which this gentleman also intimates that for a long time past no letters have been received from me. I showed several of my discoveries to Mr. Burnett and his brother, and since they wished to see the circulation of the blood, I complied with this, which greatly pleased them.