Wrote letter of 1708-01-01 (AB 275) to Members of the Royal Society

January 1, 1708
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The original manuscript on eight quarto pages, written and signed by Leeuwenhoek, is preserved at the Royal Society (MS. 2078. L 4. 19A = L.4.27).

On the cover, Leeuwenhoek wrote, "for the Secretarij of the Roijall Societij, at Gresham Colledge London".

Leeuwenhoek did not date this letter.

In the first paragraph, it refers to letter 274 of December 6, 1707. In early March, it was read aloud in London. The date here of January 1 is artibrary, but it keeps the database happy!

A translation of almost the whole letter was published in Philosophical Transactions in no. 316, dated July and August 1708. The manuscript of this translation on ten folio pages is preserved in London. Royal Society, MS 2079, Early Letters L.4.19.B (= L.4.28).