Wrote Letter L-232 of 1694-01-19 to Richard Waller as a cover letter for Letter L-231

January 19, 1694
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Text of the letter in the original Dutch and in English translation from Alle de Brieven. The Collected Letters at the DBNL - De Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren

Leeuwenhoek wrote this letter as a cover letter for Letter L-231 of 20 December 1693 (EL/L2/46). Confirmation of the receipt of a letter. Dispatch of a Latin version of letters. Leeuwenhoek dated it wrongly as 1693.

I have no doubt that Your Honour will have duly received my latest letter, together with the printed observations which I sent, in all humility, to the Very Noble Gentlemen of the Royal Society.

Included herewith are my modest observations concerning the Worm called the Leather-jacket, and the Mite, which I hope will not be unwelcome.

The "latest letter" is Letter L-230 of 8 December 1693. The letter about leather-jackets and mites is Letter L-228 of 15 October 1693.