Wrote Letter L-029 of some time in 1676 to Theodore Craanen about gold and mercury

January 1, 1676
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Collected Letters volume: 

This letter is known only by reference in another letter.

This is the only known letter from Leeuwenhoek to Craanen, professor of medicine in Leiden, a proponent of Cartesian theories, and a frequent visitor to Leeuwenhoek’s home. For Theodore Craanen (1620-1690), see the Biog. Reg., Collected Letters, vol. 2, p. 443.

See Letter L-048 of 1677, Collected Letters, vol. 20, for Craanen’s only letter to L.

Letter L-083 of 11 May 1679 to Lambert van Velthuysen:

With regard to the gold and mercury, I refer to my handwritten letter, which I wrote in the year 1676 on this subject to Professor Craanen, at his request.