Wrote Letter L-401 of 1702-02-14 to the members of the Royal Society about balsam, an apparatus he designed to inhale smoke and vapour, blood vessels in sheep lungs, his own phlegm, and the theory that cold air harms lungs

February 14, 1702
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Leeuwenhoek wrote this letter about …

Balsam, if rubbed onto the chest, cannot pass into the lungs. Account of apparatus, designed by L., to inhale smoke and vapour. Blood vessels in a sheep's lung. L.'s own phlegm. Theory that cold air can harm the lungs.

Balsam, rubbed on the chest, cannot possibly enter the lungs. Description of an apparatus, designed by L. himself, for to be able to inhale smoke and vapour. On the lungs' susceptibility for all kinds of diseases. On the blood vessels in the lungs of sick and healthy sheep. Hypothesis that inhaling air which is too cold may be the cause of pulmonary diseases. Applying vapour of cinnamon as a remedy for colds, as recommended by Bontekoe.