Wrote Letter L-504 of 1714-06-22 to the members of the Royal Society to acknowledge Letter L-503 and numbers of Philosophical Transactions and to query why figures of the muscle fibres of whales were not published

June 22, 1714
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Acknowledgement of the receipt of a letter and issues of the Philosophical Transactions. Wonders why the figures of the muscle fibres of whales from Letter L-489 were not published in Philosophical Transactions, and hopes that they have not been lost; states that he is working on the fibres of the flesh of insects.

Note in Dutch states that Leeuwenhoek had this letter translated into Latin for the Royal Society. JBO.12.6. notes that the numbers of Philosophical Transactions were "to the end of the year 1712" and that Waller was asked to respond and "to send the last years Transactions." That response was read at the meeting of 1 July 1714 O.S. (JBO.12.8) and "ordered to be sent".

The letter was read out at the meeting of the Royal Society of 24 June 1714 o.S. (Royal Society, Journal Book Original, vol. 12, p. 6). Waller was asked to prepare an answer and to send Leeuwenhoek the Philosophical Transactions of 1713. Waller's letter was discussed at the meeting of the Royal Society of 1 July 1714 O.S. (Royal Society, JBO, vol. 12, p. 8).