Wrote Letter L-518 of 1715-07-07 to Antony Cinck about contracting and stretching of muscle fibres and tendons; their connection in lobster and crab; no observed nerves between muscle fibres and membranes; cannot confirm that nerves are hollow

July 7, 1715
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Reply to a letter from the Louvain professor Antony Cink. Theories about the contracting and stretching of muscle fibres and tendons. Comparison with a tightened rope. The smaller the muscles, the quicker they are able to move: see birds. Explanation of the structural and functional connection between tendon and muscle on the basis of the tendons in the leg of a lobster and muscle fibres of a crab. L. is not able to observe whether there are nerves to be found between the muscle fibres and the membranes. L. cannot confirm by observation that nerves are hollow.