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1665 various Journal des Sçavans
1998 Claessens, M. and R. F. Wybrands Marcussen (eds.) Kadastrale Atlas Zuid-Holland 1832
1682 Sterre, D. van der Keyserlijke Snee
1957 Reinhard, E. G. Landmarks of parasitology: I. The discovery of the life cycle of the liver fluke
1982 Damsteegt, B. C. Language and Leeuwenhoek
1717 Kerckherdere, J. G., A. Hoogvliet and H. K. Poot Lauwerkranssen
1678 Hooke, R. Lectures and collections: Cometa, Microscopium
1956 Seters, W. H. van Leeuwenhoeck's Aalkijker-Modellen
1975 Pas, P. W. van der Leeuwenhoeck's Correspondence at the Royal Society
1933 Beydals, P. Leeuwenhoeck-Brief No.-27, en Andere Gegevens
1934 Rijnberk, G. van Leeuwenhoeck-Brieven, Een Oproep
1935 Seters, W. H. van Leeuwenhoeck-Ceramiek
1933 Seters, W. H. van Leeuwenhoecks Microscopen, Praepareeren Observatiemethodes
1989 Palm, L. C. Leeuwenhoek and Other Dutch Correspondents of the Royal Society
1984 Ruestow, E. G. Leeuwenhoek and the campaign against spontaneous generation
1982 Lindeboom, G. A. Leeuwenhoek and the problem of sexual reproduction
1967 Egerton, F. N. Leeuwenhoek as a founder of animal demography
1937 Meyer, A. W. Leeuwenhoek as experimental biologist
1961 Schierbeek, A. Leeuwenhoek as surveyor and wine-gauger
1932 Boeke, J. Leeuwenhoek en de Wetenschap van het Kleine
1941 Schierbeek, A. Leeuwenhoek en Swammerdam
1950 Fildes, P. Leeuwenhoek Lecture: The evolution of microbiology
2015 Ford, B. J. Leeuwenhoek Microscopes: Mystery and Mischief
1952 Seters, W. H. van Leeuwenhoek's afkomst en jeugd
1982 Baas, P. Leeuwenhoek's contributions to wood anatomy and his ideas on sap transport in plants
2015 Falkowski, P. Leeuwenhoek's Lucky Break
1976 Casida, L. E. Leeuwenhoek's Observation of Bacteria
1948 Mendels, J. Leeuwenhoek's taal
1952 Mendels, J. Leeuwenhoek's taal
1937 Cole, F. J. Leeuwenhoek's zoological researches. Part I.
1950 Rooseboom, M. Leeuwenhoek, the Man: A Son of His Nation and His Time
2006 Egerton, F. N. Leeuwenhoek’s Microscopic Natural History
1966 Bedini, S. A. Lens making for scientific instrumentation in the seventeenth century
1982 Houtzager, H. L. Leuvense Van Leeuwenhoek Penning
1977 Bos, A. P. A. and P. van Daalen Leven en werk van Antoni van Leeuwenhoek te Delft 1632-1723
1932 Schierbeek, A. Leven en Werken van Antony van Leeuwenhoek
1829 King, P. Life of John Locke
2017 Robertson, L. A. Lighting Van Leeuwenhoek's samples
1976 Lechevalier, H. Louis Joblot and His Microscopes
2014 Roon, G. van Macht en gewoonte in het Delftse stadsbestuur (1672-1702)
2013 Henderson, F. Making "The Good Old Man" Speak English
1968 Walter, W. and H. Via Making A Leeuwenhoek "Microscope" Replica
2007 Loncke, H. Making a Van Leeuwenhoek Microscope Lens
2007 Loncke, H. Making an Antoni van Leeuwenhoek microscope replica
1677 Butterfield, Mr. Making of Microscopes with Very Small and Single Glasses
1633 Metius, A. Manuale arithmeticae & geometrice practicae
2009 Uchelen, T. C. van Maria Strick, Schoolmistress and Calligrapher in Early Seventeenth-Century Holland
2007 Cook, H. J. Matters of Exchange: Commerce, Medicine, and Science in the Dutch Golden Age.
1959 Schierbeek, A. Measuring The Invisible World
2007 Davis, J. N. Measuring the Magnification of Homemade Simple Microscope Lenses