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2005 Palm, L. C. The Edition of Leeuwenhoek's Letters: Changing Demands, Changing Policies
2009 Fritschy, W. The efficiency of taxation in Holland
1987 Schama, S. The Embarrassment of Riches
1967 Bradbury, S. The Evolution of the Microscope
1996 Fournier, M. The fabric of life: microscopy in the seventeenth-century
1739 Jenkins, S. The Figure of a Machine for Grinding Lenses Spherically
2009 Huisman, T. The Finger of God
1997 De Vries, J. and A. van der Woude The First Modern Economy
2008 Tracy, J. D. The Founding of the Dutch Republic
1925 Cole, F. J. The History of Protozoology
1961 Schierbeek, A. The history of the investigation into the genesis of gall-nuts
1932 Clay, R. S. and T. H. Court The History of the Microscope
1756 Birch, T. The History of the Royal Society of London
1991 Baker, R. The Homemade Microscope
1988 Shapin, S. The House of Experiment in Seventeenth-Century England
1948 Birch, L. C. The intrinsic rate of natural increase of an insect population
1995 Wilson, C. The invisible world: early modern philosophy and the invention of the microscope
1989 Hall, A. R. The Leeuwenhoek Lecture, 1988: Antoni van Leeuwenhoek 1632-1723.
1964 Pirie, N. W. The Leeuwenhoek Lecture: The size of small organisms
1991 Ford, B. J. The Leeuwenhoek legacy
1937 Cohen, B. The Leeuwenhoek letter
1975 Lindeboom, G. A. The letters of Jan Swammerdam to Melchisedec Thévenot
1710 Adams, A. The Manner of Making Microscopes
1996 Ruestow, E. G. The Microscope in the Dutch Republic: The Shaping of Discovery
1981 Zuylen, J. van The Microscopes of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
1834 Pritchard, A. The Natural History of Animalcules
2013 Abou-Nemeh, S. C. The Natural Philosopher and the Microscope: Nicolas Hartsoeker Unravels Nature’s “Admirable OEconomy”
1988 Salomonson, J. W. The Officers of the White Banner
1932 Cittert, P. H. van The optical properties of the Van Leeuwenhoek Microscope in possession of the University of Utrecht
2009 Cruz, L. The Paradox of Prosperity
2017 Tosteson, H. The Philosophical Transactions of Maria van Leeuwenhoek, Antoni’s Dochter (1668-1696)
1931 Unger, W. B. The Protozoan Sequence of Five Plant Infusions
2009 Ratcliff, M. The Quest for the Invisible
1985 Edgerton, S. Y. The Renaissance Development of the Scientific Illustration
2006 Adams, R. and L. Jardine The return of the Hooke folio
2016 Egmond, W. van The riddle of the 'green streaks'
2008 Davids, K. The Rise and Decline of Dutch Technological Leadership
1982 Bardell, D. The Roles of the Sense of Taste and Clean Teeth in the Discovery of Bacteria by Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
1982 Ford, B. J. The Rotifera of Anthony van Leeuwenhoek.
2001 Ford, B. J. The Royal Society And The Microscope
1812 Thomson, T. The Royal Society, From Its Institution tо the End of the Eighteenth Century
2007 Cruz, L. The Secrets of Success
1798 Hoole, S. The Select Works of Antony van Leeuwenhoek
2016 Anderson, D. The tensions between facts and fantasy
2006 Berkel, K. van The Unexpected Popularity of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
2015 Lane, N. The unseen world
1933 Cittert, P. H. van The van Leeuwenhoek Microscope in possession of the University of Utrecht
1981 Ford, B. J. The van Leeuwenhoek Specimens
1931 Chapman, A. C. The yeast cell: what did Leeuwenhoeck see?
2012 Zuidervaart, H. The ‘invisible technician’ made visible