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Year Authorsort descending Title
2013 Abou-Nemeh, S. C. The Natural Philosopher and the Microscope: Nicolas Hartsoeker Unravels Nature’s “Admirable OEconomy”
1710 Adams, A. The Manner of Making Microscopes
2006 Adams, R. and L. Jardine The return of the Hooke folio
2019 Alexander, L. All in a Drop
2022 Anderson, D. ‘Your most humble servant’: the letters of Antony van Leeuwenhoek
2017 Anderson, D. Some comments on Jorink’s ‘Swammerdam, hoveling?’
2008 Anderson, D. Lens on Leeuwenhoek (video)
2016 Anderson, D. The tensions between facts and fantasy
2014 Anderson, D. Still going strong: Leeuwenhoek at eighty
1663 Anhaltin, C. M. School-Boeck van de Wyn-Royeryen
1940 anonymous Francis Aston
2013 Archief Delft SNG - St Nicolaas Gilde archive
2013 Archief Delft LAD - Miscellaneous Accessions
2014 Archief Delft Delft Collection (Collectie Delft)
2006 Archief Delft Historical GIS
2013 Archief Delft WKD - Orphans Chamber Archive
2013 Archief Delft DAA - Diletto and Arme Archive
2007 Archief Delft Digital Arena
2013 Archief Delft ONA - Old Notary Archive
2013 Archief Delft ORA - Old Judicial Archive
2013 Archief Delft HGD - Reformed Church Archive
2013 Archief Delft OAD - Old Archive
2013 Archief Delft DTB - Baptism, Marriage, Burial Archive
1626 - 1686 Assendelft, W. van Minuutakten, 1626-1686 Willem van Assendelft
2007 Azevedo, A. A. de A Novel Method For Making Miniature Lenses
2005 Azevedo, A. A. de Exploring the Possibilities of Single Lens Microscopes
2006 Azevedo, A. A. de The Challenge of Grinding Lenses for Single Lens Microscopes
1982 Baas, P. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and His Observation on the Structure of the Woody Cell Wall
1982 Baas, P. Leeuwenhoek's contributions to wood anatomy and his ideas on sap transport in plants
1753 Baker, H. Employment for the Microscope
1743 Baker, H. Microscope Made Easy
1739 Baker, H. An Account of Mr. Leeuwenhoek's Microscopes
1991 Baker, R. The Homemade Microscope
1988 Bardell, D. The discovery of microorganisms by Robert Hooke
1982 Bardell, D. The Roles of the Sense of Taste and Clean Teeth in the Discovery of Bacteria by Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
1735 Barker, R. A Catoptric Microscope
1677 Bartholin, T. Acta medica & philosophica Hafniensia
2017 Becchi, A. Between Learned Science and Technical Knowledge
1924 Becking, L. B. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, immortal dilettant (1632-1723)
1967 Bedini, S. A. An Early Optical Lens-Grinding Lathe
1966 Bedini, S. A. Lens making for scientific instrumentation in the seventeenth century
1922 Beijerinck, M. W. De infusies en de ontdekking der bakteriën
1965 Belloni, L. Leeuwenhoek, Boerhaave und Bleyswyk über Spermatozoën
1695 Beminnaar Register van alle de Werken
1992 Bergvelt, E. and R. Kistemaker (ed.) De wereld binnen handbereik
1982 Berkel, K. van Intellectuals against Leeuwenhoek
2006 Berkel, K. van The Unexpected Popularity of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
1999 Berkel, K. van, A. van Helden, and L. Palm (eds.) A History of Science in The Netherlands
1754 - 1787 Berryat, J. (ed.) Collection académique
1747 - 1768 Bertrand, J. Minuutakten, 1747-1768 Johan Willem Bertrand