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Year Authorsort descending Title
1686 Leeuwenhoek, A. van Levende Dierkens
1697 Leeuwenhoek, A. van Part of a Letter of Mr. Anthony van Leeuwenhoeck, Dated Delst, Sept. 10. 1697. concerning the Eggs of Snails, Roots of Vegetables, Teeth, and Young Oysters
1708 Leeuwenhoek, A. van A Letter from. Mr. Anthony van Leeuwenhoek, F. R. S. concerning the Circulation of the Blood in Fishes, &c.
1994 Leeuwenhoek, A. van Alle de Brieven. The Collected Letters. Volume 13
1688 Leeuwenhoek, A. van Omloop des Bloeds
1701 Leeuwenhoek, A. van Part of a Letter from Mr Anthony Van Lewuenhoek, Dated Delft 15. April 1701. N. S. concerning the Spawn of Codfish, etc.
1720 Leeuwenhoek, A. van Observations upon the Membranes Enclosing the Fasciculi of Fibres, into Which a Muscle is Divided. By Mr. Leeuwenhoek, F. R. S. Translated by Dr. Sprengell, F. R. S.
1678 Leeuwenhoek, A. van Microscopical Observations of the Structure of Hair: Made Also and Communicated by the above Said Mr. Anthony Leeuwenhoeck
1704 Leeuwenhoek, A. van A Letter to the Royal Society, from Mr Anthony Van Leeuwenhock, F. R. S. concerning Animalcula on the Roots of Duck-Weed, etc.
1684 Leeuwenhoek, A. van Schobbens in de Mond
1693 Leeuwenhoek, A. van An Extract of a Letter from Mr. Anth. Van. Leeuwenhoek, containing Several Observations on the Texture of the Bones of Animals Compared with That of Wood: On the Bark of Trees: On the Little Scales Found on the Cuticula, etc.
1998 Leibniz, G. Allgemeiner Politischer und Historischer Briefwechsel
1724 - 1772 Lely, W. van der Minuutakten, 1724-1772 Willem van der Lely
1779 - 1780 Leske, N. G. Abhandlungen zur Naturgeschichte, Physik und Oekonomie
2014 Lichtman, F. and S. Shattuck Animated Life: Seeing the Invisible (video)
1975 Lindeboom, G. A. De Ziekte van Van Leeuwenhoek
1973 Lindeboom, G. A. Reinier de Graaf en de Koninklijke Societiet te Londen
1982 Lindeboom, G. A. Leeuwenhoek and the problem of sexual reproduction
1975 Lindeboom, G. A. The letters of Jan Swammerdam to Melchisedec Thévenot
1981 Lindeboom, G. A. Jan Swammerdam als Microscopist
1995 Lintsen, H. et al. Geschiedenis van de techniek in Nederland
2013 Liulevicius, V. 1676 - Van Leeuwenhoek's Microscope (video)
1690 Locke, J. Essay Concerning Human Understanding
1708 Locke, J., W. Molyneux and P. Limborch Some Familiar Letters Between Mr. Locke, and Several of his Friends
1946 Loggem, M. van Het kleine heelal
2007 Loncke, H. Making a Van Leeuwenhoek Microscope Lens
2007 Loncke, H. Making an Antoni van Leeuwenhoek microscope replica
1731 Loon, G. van Beschrijving der Nederlandsche Historiepenningen
1958 Loos-Haaxman, J. Delftse Burgers
2000 Loughman, J. and J. Montias Public and Private Spaces
2002 Lucassen, J. Immigranten in Holland 1600-1800
2023 Maas, A. & F. de Heij Antoni van Leeuwenhoek en de ontdekking van het leven: een historisch stripverhaal
1937 MacPike, E. F. (ed.) Correspondence and papers of Edmond Halley
1772 - 1789 Maisonnet, T. G. Minuutakten, 1772-1789 Thomas Guilielmus Maisonnet
1668 Mancini, C. The Description of a Way for Working Convex Glasses upon a Plain
1787 Maty, P. H. A General Index to the Philosophical Transactions, from the first to the end of the seventieth volume
1885 Mayall, J. Cantor lectures on the microscope
2006 Meeteren, A. van Op Hoop van Akkoord
1720 Meijers, L. Woordenschat
1969 Meischke, R. Het Nederlandse Woonhuis
1682 - 1731 Mencke, O. (ed.) Acta eruditorum
1948 Mendels, J. Leeuwenhoek's taal
1947 Mendels, J. Over de stijl van Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
1938 Mendels, J. Holger Jacobæus' Reizen in Holland
1952 Mendels, J. Leeuwenhoek's taal
1938 Merton, R. K. Science, Technology and Society in Seventeenth Century England
1994 Meskens, A. Wine gauging in late 16th- and early 17th-century Antwerp
1633 Metius, A. Manuale arithmeticae & geometrice practicae
1937 Meyer, A. W. Leeuwenhoek as experimental biologist
1983 Mikx, F. A. van Leeuwenhoek's Microscopes: Upside Down?