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Yearsort ascending Author Title
2014 Robertson, L. A. Through van Leeuwenhoek’s Eyes (video)
2014 Koninklijke Bibliotheek STCN - Short Title Catalogue Netherlands
2014 Archief Delft Delft Collection (Collectie Delft)
2014 Roon, G. van Macht en gewoonte in het Delftse stadsbestuur (1672-1702)
2014 Leeuwenhoek, A. van Alle de Brieven. The Collected Letters. Volume 16
2014 Anderson, D. Still going strong: Leeuwenhoek at eighty
2014 Lichtman, F. and S. Shattuck Animated Life: Seeing the Invisible (video)
2014 Smit, H. et al. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek: Groots in het Kleine
2014 Zuidervaart, H. and M. Rijks "Most rare workmen"
2013 Weve, W. Huizen in Delft in de 16de en 17de eeuw
2013 Henderson, F. Faithful Interpreters?
2013 Liulevicius, V. 1676 - Van Leeuwenhoek's Microscope (video)
2013 Zuidervaart, H. Cabinets for Experimental Philosophy in the Netherlands
2013 Archief Delft WKD - Orphans Chamber Archive
2013 Archief Delft ONA - Old Notary Archive
2013 Archief Delft DAA - Diletto and Arme Archive
2013 various Circulation of Knowledge and Learned Practices in the 17th-century Dutch Republic
2013 Archief Delft ORA - Old Judicial Archive
2013 Archief Delft HGD - Reformed Church Archive
2013 Archief Delft OAD - Old Archive
2013 Verhoeven, G. Barbarijse zeerovers, een Delftse slaaf en een wanhopige moeder
2013 Abou-Nemeh, S. C. The Natural Philosopher and the Microscope: Nicolas Hartsoeker Unravels Nature’s “Admirable OEconomy”
2013 Archief Delft DTB - Baptism, Marriage, Burial Archive
2013 Henderson, F. Making "The Good Old Man" Speak English
2013 Archief Delft LAD - Miscellaneous Accessions
2013 Archief Delft SNG - St Nicolaas Gilde archive
2013 Jorink, E. De profeet en de boekhouder
2012 Davidson, M. Pioneers in Optics
2012 Zuidervaart, H. The ‘invisible technician’ made visible
2012 Rupp, J. C. Het Theatrum Anatomicum
2011 Ford, B. J. The Clarity of Images from Early Single-Lens Microscopes Captured on Video
2011 Sundberg, M. Botanical investigations of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
2011 Gelderblom, O. and J. Jonker Public Finance and Economic Growth: The Case of Holland in the Seventeenth Century
2011 various
2010 Cohen, H. F. How Modern Science Came Into the World
2010 Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza Galileo's Microscope
2010 various DWC - Digitaal Wetenschapshistorisch Centrum
2010 Erfgoed Delft
2009 Sepel, L., E. Loreto and J. Rocha Using a Replica of Leeuwenhoek’s Microscope to Teach the History of Science and to Motivate Students
2009 Ratcliff, M. The Quest for the Invisible
2009 Fritschy, W. The efficiency of taxation in Holland
2009 Ford, B. J. Did Physics Matter to the Pioneers of Microscopy?
2009 Gelderblom, O. (ed.) Political Economy of the Dutch Republic
2009 Cruz, L. The Paradox of Prosperity
2009 Huisman, T. The Finger of God
2009 Uchelen, T. C. van Maria Strick, Schoolmistress and Calligrapher in Early Seventeenth-Century Holland
2009 various Philosophical Transactions: Archive of All Online Issues 1665-1887
2008 - 2013 Weve, W. (ed.) Delf (cultural historical magazine)
2008 Bouwman, A T. et al. Stad van Boeken
2008 Duuglas-Ittu, K. von The 1661 Technique of “Glass Drops”, a Possible Link to Bead Lens Microscopes