Jan Gerard Kerkherdere

Birth or Baptism date: 
November 7, 1677
Death or Burial date: 
March 16, 1638

From 1700 to 1738, Kerkherdere was professor of Latijn at the Drievuldigheidscollege in Leuven.

1708 he was appointed historiographer to the emperor Joseph I, who died three years later.

In 1716, several of the faculty at Leuven presented Leeuwenhoek with a medal.

The following year, Kerkherdere was one of the poets who published Lauwerkranssen (laurel wreathes), a booklet of praise poems on the occasion of the awarding of the medal.

Leeuwenhoek addressed two of the Send-Brieven to him, one in June 1716 and the other in July 1717.