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Died Antony's

Adriaen Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek

June 25, 1739 cousin Lambrecht's son

Adriane Maartens Leeuwenhoek

May 27, 1767 cousin Lambrecht's granddaughter

Anthonij Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek

May 30, 1671 cousin Lambrecht's son

Anthonij Pieters Leeuwenhoek

June 18, 1773 cousin Lambrecht's great-grandson

Antony Philips Leeuwenhoek

August 31, 1723

Catharina Philips Leeuwenhoek


Cornelis Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek

April 19, 1702 cousin Lambrecht's son

Cornelis Philips Leeuwenhoek

November 20, 1616 great-uncle

Elisabeth Maertens Leeuwenhoek

September 20, 1743 cousin Maerten's daughter

Eva Maartens Leeuwenhoek

cousin Lambrecht's granddaughter

Geertruijt Huijchs Leeuwenhoek

December 20, 1684 uncle Huijch's daughter, cousin Geertruijt

Geertruijt Philips Leeuwenhoek


Huijch Theunis Leeuwenhoek

February 15, 1669 uncle

Jacob Adriaens Leeuwenhoek

January 17, 1724 cousin Lambrecht's grandson

Jan Philips Leeuwenhoek


Jannetje Maertens Leeuwenhoek

August 30, 1713 cousin Maerten's daughter

Jannitgen Huijchs Leeuwenhoek

April 29, 1681 uncle Huijch's daughter, cousin Jannitgen

Lambertus Adriaens Leeuwenhoek

April 24, 1764 cousin Lambrecht's grandson

Lambertus Maartens Leeuwenhoek

May 8, 1752 cousin Lambrecht's grandson

Lambrecht Huijchs Leeuwenhoek

January 4, 1701 uncle Huijch's son, cousin Lambrecht

Maarten Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek

January 18, 1742 cousin Lambrecht's son

Maarten Pieters Leeuwenhoek

March 21, 1750 cousin Lambrecht's great-grandson

Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek

November 24, 1694 uncle Huijch's son, cousin Maerten

Magdaleentje Maertens Leeuwenhoek

April 8, 1720 cousin Maerten's daughter

Magdalena Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek

March 29, 1746 cousin Lambrecht's daughter

Magdalena Maartens Leeuwenhoek

cousin Lambrecht's granddaughter

Margaretha Huijchs Leeuwenhoek

May 18, 1702 uncle Huijch's daughter, cousin Margaretha

Margrieta Maertens Leeuwenhoek

November 18, 1743 cousin Maerten's daughter

Margrieta Philips Leeuwenhoek

October 14, 1678 sister

Maria Maertens Leeuwenhoek

January 16, 1717 cousin Maerten's daughter

Maria Philips Leeuwenhoek


Maria Thonis Leeuwenhoek

April 30, 1745 daughter

Neeltje Philips Leeuwenhoek

October 4, 1650 sister

Philips Thonis Leeuwenhoek


Philips Thonis Leeuwenhoek

January 8, 1638 father

Pieter Maartens Leeuwenhoek

March 21, 1750 cousin Lambrecht's grandson

Russje Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek

February 11, 1746 cousin Lambrecht's daughter

Sara Maertens Leeuwenhoek

September 26, 1693 cousin Maerten's daughter

Thonis Philips Leeuwenhoek

June 30, 1643 grandfather