Other families that members of the Van den Berch family married into

On Leeuwenhoek's mother's side, the van den Berches, he was related to several other prominent Delft families.

Verburch family

Leeuwenhoek's grandmother Margriete (Cryntge) Cornelis Verburch (1560-1616) married Jacob Sebastiaens van den Berch on 1588 01/09.

Grandmother Margariete's uncle Hendrick Dircks was a brewer in Het Conduyt on the Oosteinde after 1560. His son (grandmother Margariete's cousin) Claes Hendriks Verburch was a member of the Veertigraad from 1575 until his death in 1609. He managed the Den Haen brewery after 1574 and owned Het Conduyt brewery from 1588 to 1599 and De Drie Hamerkens (aka Drye Hameren) on the Burgwal after 1601 when his brother-in-law Willem Otten bought Het Conduyt from him. Claes was a magistrate in 1607 and 1608.

Grandmother Margariete's father Cornelis Dircks (-1576), Leeuwenhoek's great-grandfather, married Magdalena Jans van der Eyck (see below) in 1555. Son and brother of a brewer, Cornelis was himself a brewer in "The Great Clock", usually called "The Clock" on the Oude Delft near the Haverbrug. His son Jan Cornelis took it over in 1589 after Magdalena kept it going in between. According to van Seters (1952), the brewery "probably" gave Klocksteeg its name.

Grandmother Margariete's sister Trijntje Cornelis married Dirk Isenouts van der Nes (-1621) from the Leiden regent family whose brewery (after 1679) was called De Drye Clocken. He was also Margariete's legal guardian.

van ​der Eyck family

Leeuwenhoek's great grandfather Cornelis Dircks Verburch (-1576) (see above) married Magdalena Jans van der Eyck in 1555.

Her brother was Gerrit Jans van der Eyck. He was a brewer in De Papagaay and was a member of the Veertigraad from 1582 until his death in 1620. After being a magistrate in 1588 and Delftshaven harbormaster in 1589, Gerrit Jansz was mayor for half (thirteen) of the years from 1592 to 1617.

Because these regent families intermarried, Gerrit Jans was Leeuwenhoek's great-great-uncle on both branches (van den Berch and Verburch) of his mother's side. Gerrit Jans married Immetje Jans Hogenhouck (-1608?) whose first husband was Cornelis Cornelis van den Berch (great grandfather Sebastiaan's half-brother). Gerrit's sister Catharina (Trijntje) Jans married Immetje's brother Pieter Jans Hogenhouck. Immetje and Pieter were siblings of Leeuwenhoek's great-grandmother Neeltje Jans Hogenhouck.

Gerrit's daughter Margaretha (-1624) married Dirk Everts van Bleyswijk (1568-1631). They were grandparents of the Dirk Everts van Bleyswijk who wrote the Beschrijving der Stadt Delft and was responsible for the Kaart Figuratief.

van Adrichem family

Gerrit Jans van der Eyck's daughters Catharina and Aeltgen (Alitha) (-1650) married brothers Joost (-1653) and Adrien Jacobs van Adrichem (-1644) in 1601 and 1604. Adrien was buried out of the Papegaeij.

Neeltje van Adrichem (-1643), whose father Jacob and brother Joost were four and seven times mayors plus most other offices, married Pieter Sebastiaans van den Berch (1568- before 1612) in 1598. She was the grandmother of the Jan and Pieter Heynsbroeck who bought dry goods from Leeuwenhoek in 1658 and 1659, the receipts for which are our only evidence of Leeuwenhoek's business.