Maria Duyst van Voorhout

neighbor as a child and his life-long friend
Baptism date: 
January 22, 1662
Burial date: 
April 26, 1754

Maria Duyst Voorhout and Frederik Adriaan van Reede van Renswoude lived during their marriage alternately in Utrecht, Delft and The Hague. The summers they spent at Castle Renswoude. At the time of the birth of their daughter Johanna Maria, who was baptized in 1686 in the Dom Church in Utrecht on February 24, the couple lived in Achter Sint Pieter 4 in Utrecht. This was the childhood home of Frederik Adriaan van Reede van Renswoude that he had inherited from his mother in 1685. In April 1687 the family lived on the Hyppolitusbuurt in Delft. On April 19, 1687 Johanna Maria was buried from this house in Delft.


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