uncle Cornelis Jacobs van den Berch married Elisabeth Heyndrics van Waert.

November 23, 1630

uncle Cornelis Jacobs van den Berch, living on Oosteinde, married Elisabeth Heyndrics van Waert, from Leiden, in Leiden. The only two Delft records are betrothals, one at each church, at the end of November. If they followed the common pattern, they were married two weeks later.

They lived in Benthuizen, where he was schout. Around 1648, his nephew Antony Leeuwenhoek, his sister's son, lived with him as an apprentice for perhaps a couple of years.


DTB Delft inv. 20, fol. 116v

DTB Delft inv. 68, fol. 114v

copies of each other, in the same hand

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