Arnold Ramp

Other name: 
Arnoldus, Arnaut
co-worker at the Stadhuis
Birth or Baptism date: 
May 12, 1659
Baptism DTB: 
DTB Delft inv. 57, folio 159
Death or Burial date: 
December 22, 1734
Burial DTB: 
DTB Delft inv. 49, folio 182

Arnold Ramp's first wife Cornelia was from from  's-Gravenhage. When they married in 1683, he lived on Oude Delft. When one of their children died in 1687, they lived on Papestraat. Three years later, when Cornelia died, probably from complications of giving birth to Adriaan two weeks earlier, they lived on Voldersgracht. Ramp purchased the house from Anna Cocx, who was buried on March 4, 1689, widow of notary Govert Rota, who had died in 1660. At the sale, Ramp was reizende bode and a note says in 1701 is zijn beroep kamerbewaarder van de raad- en schepenkamer, which probably added when the house sold, date unknown, to Anna van Gijsen.

By 1711 until the end of his life in 1734, he lived in Choorstraat 49 (C250). Pieter de Molijn had the house before 1648, but no confirmation that he was related to the de Molijn family that Leeuwenhoek's sister married into. Pieter de Molijn is listed as a widower living on Choorstraat when he married in 1627. He paid the 1585-1648 huizenprotocol 142v1, the 1620-1632 verponding 106v4 and the 1632-1654 verponding 110v4. In both 1710 and 1711, he bid unsuccessfully on houses across the street on the north side of Choorstraat.

Ramp was buried in the Nieuwe Kerk in a grave with six minor children.

Ramp appears in a lot of documents, several of them involving ships of the East India Company, others involving people who died owing him money. As one of the City's curators, he was involved in a number of estates. He was also an executor of several wills. He was named traveling messenger in 1687 (Uitgeef-boeck 1698 Arch. Delft 1, 4709) and city inspector of livestock sales in 1694.

Below are those that specify his occupations. Willem Broccart, Cornelis van der Sleyden, Adriaen Hoppesteijn Van Leeuwen, and Jan de Bries were the notaries.

  occupation type of document - role ONA, inv.  
11-12-1688 bode van de stad Delft (messenger) procuratie - procureur ONA 2425, inv. 324  
24-12-1697 peilder (city inspector) attestatie 2509g, 406  
23-07-1698 reizende bode (traveling messenger) property sale - sold Choorstraat zz and Vergulde Son herberg to Pieter van Steeland 2510d, 225  
19-01-1705   property sale - sold tuin, erf en 2 tuinhuisjes on Groenlandselaan in Vrijenban (with Wilhem de Vegter and Arij van der Kest)    
12-10-1706   auction - bought the huis, erf en wijnkopers pakhuis on Oude Delft wz bordering the city wall from Hendrik van den Burgh    
02-10-1708 peijlder van het beestiael (city inspector for livestock sales) attestatie - the Vleeshoudersgilde is complaining about Ramp's measurements 2550F, 323  
16-11-1711 kamerbewaarder van de kamer van schepenen (camerbewaarder of the magistrate's chamber) attestatie 2554E, 355  
01-10-1711   property sale - bidder 2404D, 186  
19-10-1714 conchergie meester attestatie 2557G, 375  
02-02-1715 conkerie meester attestatie 2558C, 199  
03-10-1716 kamerbewaarder schepenkamer custody - guardian 2410I, 453  
20-04-1719 kamerbewaarder van de heren Schepenen kamer will - executor 2413C, 159 bries  
21-09-1720 kamerbewaarder coll. schepen van Delft voogdij - comparant 2414F, 465  
16-11-1721 kamerbewaarder of opziender attestatie 2533D, 236  
13-07-1722 deurwaarder settlement of accounts (Leeuwenhoek and Ramp are both listed as being owed money from de Nieuwen Doelen herberg) 2573B, 69  
18-03-1723 kamerbewaarder heren schepenen van delft will - guardian 2417B, 90  
04-07-1723 concherge attestatie - Papagaaij brewery 2574E, 261  
18-01-1724   public sale - trekker - de Vergulde Pot alias de Ligtende Lantaarn, Hippolytusbuurt wz 2418A, 23