John Chamberlayne wrote to Hans Sloane that even native Dutch speakers have trouble helping him translate Leeuwenhoek's letters

December 6, 1704

The date is New Style, which was eleven days ahead of the Old Style date of 25 November 1704 used by Chamberlayne in London.

Chamberlayne continues to complain to Sloane that Leeuwenhoek's language is so difficult to translate that even his network of native Dutch speakers cannot help him.

The envoy of Holland was Adriaan van Borssele van der Hooghe (1658-1728), heer van Geldermalsen.


Chamberlayne wrote to Sloane (British Library, Sloane MS 4039, f. 396)

my pains, which, pardon my boasting, have been not small for I have been often forced to pick out the sense as well as grammar of the abovementioned Gentleman [Leeuwenhoek], when neither the envoy of Holland, the Dutch minister, & a physician of that country whom I have occasionally consulted, have not been able to assist.