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Yearsort descending Author Title
2004 Kooijmans, L. De doodskunstenaar: De anatomische lessen van Frederik Ruysch
2004 Jonckheere, K. "What I brought from Brabant and Holland" Anton Ulrich
2004 Roemer, B. van de Neat Nature: The Relation between Nature and Art in a Dutch Cabinet of Curiosities from the Early Eighteenth Century.
2004 Gest, H. The Discovery of Microorganisms by Robert Hooke and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
2004 Gest, H. The Discovery of Microorganisms Revisited
2004 Hoftijzer, P. An eighteenth-century amateur of books and science in Warmond
2004 James, J. Van Leeuwenhoeks ontdekking van bacteriën
2004 Zuidervaart, H. Reflecting “Popular Culture”. The Introduction, Diffusion and Construction of the Reflecting Telescope in the Netherlands
2005 Egerton, F. N. Invertebrate zoology and parasitology during the 1600s
2005 Nagtegaal, H. K. Het Delftse Geslacht van der Dussen
2005 Palm, L. C. The Edition of Leeuwenhoek's Letters: Changing Demands, Changing Policies
2005 Larner, A. Antony van Leeuwenhoek and the Description of Diaphragmatic Flutter (Respiratory Myoclonus)
2005 Houtzager, H. L. Johannes Hudde en zijn vergrotende glazen bolletjes
2005 Ford, B. J. The Discovery of Giardia
2005 Prak, M. The Dutch Republic in the Seventeenth Century: The Golden Age
2005 Frijhoff, W. and M. Spies 1650: Hard-Won Unity.
2005 Azevedo, A. A. de Exploring the Possibilities of Single Lens Microscopes
2005 Egerton, F. N. Robert Hooke and The Royal Society of London
2006 Azevedo, A. A. de The Challenge of Grinding Lenses for Single Lens Microscopes
2006 Kempeneers, P. Oud schrift: lezen, begrijpen, overzetten
2006 Meeteren, A. van Op Hoop van Akkoord
2006 Egerton, F. N. Leeuwenhoek’s Microscopic Natural History
2006 Adams, R. and L. Jardine The return of the Hooke folio
2006 Berkel, K. van The Unexpected Popularity of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
2006 Grijzenhout, F. and N. van Sas The burgher of Delft: a painting by Jan Steen
2006 Cobb, M. Generation
2007 Cruz, L. The Secrets of Success
2007 Fournier, M. Personal styles in microscopy: Leeuwenhoek, Swammerdam and Huygens.
2007 Cook, H. J. Matters of Exchange: Commerce, Medicine, and Science in the Dutch Golden Age.
2007 Loncke, H. Making a Van Leeuwenhoek Microscope Lens
2007 Gest, H. Fresh Views of 17th-Century Discoveries by Hooke and van Leeuwenhoek
2007 Davis, J. N. Measuring the Magnification of Homemade Simple Microscope Lenses
2007 Loncke, H. Making an Antoni van Leeuwenhoek microscope replica
2007 Azevedo, A. A. de A Novel Method For Making Miniature Lenses
2007 Kooijmans, L. Gevaarlijke Kennis
2007 Hoftijzer, P. Het geheim van de uitgever
2008 Davids, K. The Rise and Decline of Dutch Technological Leadership
2008 Tracy, J. D. The Founding of the Dutch Republic
2008 Bouwman, A T. et al. Stad van Boeken
2008 - 2013 Weve, W. (ed.) Delf (cultural historical magazine)
2009 Cruz, L. The Paradox of Prosperity
2009 Huisman, T. The Finger of God
2009 Ford, B. J. Did Physics Matter to the Pioneers of Microscopy?
2009 Uchelen, T. C. van Maria Strick, Schoolmistress and Calligrapher in Early Seventeenth-Century Holland
2009 Sepel, L., E. Loreto and J. Rocha Using a Replica of Leeuwenhoek’s Microscope to Teach the History of Science and to Motivate Students
2009 Ratcliff, M. The Quest for the Invisible
2009 Gelderblom, O. (ed.) Political Economy of the Dutch Republic
2009 Fritschy, W. The efficiency of taxation in Holland
2010 Cohen, H. F. How Modern Science Came Into the World
2011 Gelderblom, O. and J. Jonker Public Finance and Economic Growth: The Case of Holland in the Seventeenth Century