Chronology of events: Leeuwenhoek

  • A date of January 1 in a given year indicates that the year is certain but the month and day are not.
  • Exceptions are public appointments to Deft's city offices, which took effect on January 1 of each year.
May 30, 1671 cousin Anthonij Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek buried in Oude Kerk
September 21, 1671 daughter Maria made a will
April 1, 1673 cousin Magdaleentje (Helena) Maertens Leeuwenhoek (1653-1720) married Johannes de Coep
October 24, 1673 Leeuwenhoek's family members in 1673
August 24, 1674 daughter Maria made a will
January 1, 1675 cousin Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek appointed tax farmer
January 30, 1677 cousin Lambrecht Huijchs Leeuwenhoek (1624-1701) bought A0129 Buitenwatersloot 214
October 14, 1678 sister Margrieta Philips Leeuwenhoek buried
April 1, 1679 cousin Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek appointed tax master
February 18, 1680 cousin Margaretha (Grietjen) Huijchs Leeuwenhoek married Gijsbert Pieterse Cruijt
April 29, 1681 cousin Jannitgen Huijchs Leeuwenhoek buried
June 8, 1681 cousin Maria Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Jan den Appel
April 2, 1684 cousin Margrieta Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Michiel Reijniers van Hasseld
December 13, 1684 sister Catharina Philips Leeuwenhoek received legacy from great uncle Johan Sebastiaans van den Berch
December 20, 1684 cousin Geertruijt Huijchs Leeuwenhoek buried
January 1, 1685 cousin Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek appointed tax farmer
December 25, 1685 cousin Elisabeth Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Dirck van Schie
June 8, 1686 Bought a burial section in the Oude Kerk
January 11, 1687 cousin Magdaleentje (Helena) Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Barent van Frijtom
June 11, 1687 cousin Adriaen Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek admitted as notary
October 19, 1689 cousin Adriaen Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek married Eva Jacobs Overschie
April 3, 1690 cousin Maarten Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek married Margareta Pieters van Limburg
April 17, 1690 daughter Maria made a will
November 29, 1692 cousin Sara Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Cornelis Luda
December 21, 1692 cousin Jacob Adriaens Leeuwenhoek (1692-1724) baptized
September 26, 1693 cousin Sara Maertens Leeuwenhoek buried
November 24, 1694 cousin Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek buried
October 12, 1697 cousin Jannetje Maertens (Johanna) Leeuwenhoek married Frans van Trigt
January 4, 1701 cousin Lambrecht Huijchs Leeuwenhoek buried
April 29, 1708 daughter Maria Thonis named to receive a bequest from the will of her Bisschop cousins
January 26, 1710 cousin Elisabeth Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Leonard van Amsterdam
February 11, 1712 Made will; he and daughter Maria universal heirs
January 26, 1714 daughter Maria named as heir in inventory of Bisschop estate
January 16, 1717 cousin Maria Maertens Leeuwenhoek buried
April 1, 1718 cousin Pieter Maartens Leeuwenhoek married Kniertje van der Doe
June 26, 1719 Made will with daughter Maria
April 8, 1720 cousin Magdaleentje (Helena) Maertens Leeuwenhoek buried
November 17, 1721 Made will with daughter Maria
October 4, 1723 daughter Maria sent cabinet with 26 magnifying glasses to the Royal Society
February 21, 1730 cousin Adriaen Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek, the notary, had his license suspended by the Heren van de Weth
August 7, 1732 daughter Maria added codicil to 1712 will
November 14, 1739 daughter Maria funded the Oude Kerk memorial for her father
June 24, 1741 daughter Maria made a will providing for the graves
May 20, 1744 daughter Maria made her final will
April 30, 1745 daughter Maria buried
June 26, 1745 daughter Maria's estate inventoried
August 25, 1745 house on Hippolytusbuurt, het Gulden Hoofd, sold
September 15, 1746 daughter Maria's estate distributed to her heirs
August 14, 1755 neice Margareta Cornelia Hobus's estate
September 23, 1776 daughter Maria, final accounting of her estate