as District Supervisor

Leeuwenhoek and fellow camerbewaarder Daniel Bogaert were appointed at the same time on October 10, 1666. Their job was to supervise the supervisors of Delft's 14 districts and then report to the magistrates and mayors. It is not clear how accountable they would be if problems arose.

The third entry in this page from the Accounts of the Treasurer continues Leeuwenhoek's payments from the previous page:

Den selven comt noch als Wijckmeester Generaal een wedde van ... L gl

The same additionally as district supervisor a salary of 50 guilders

Each of the camerbewaarders received their yearly salaries in three parts:

Their duties as camerbewaarder - 400 gl

Cleaning their chambers - 54 gl

Serving as district supervisor - 50 gl

OAD inv 678 Rekeningen van de Thesaurier
vol 61 (1667) page 120