Robert Hooke read his translation of Letter L-080 of 1679-04-25 at a weekly meeting of the Royal Society

July 20, 1679

Birch, History, vol III, p. 494, 10 July 1679 (O.S.) in London:

Mr. Hooke read a translation, which he had made of a letter of Mr. LEEWENHOECK formerly read by Dr. GREW, in which the writer gave an account of his observations made on the seed of animals, as of fishes, birds, and beasts, in all which, he affirms, that he had discovered with his microscopes vast quantities of living creatures exceedingly small: to which he annexed a paper, in which he had calculated both the number of these animals in the milt of a cod fish, and the number of men at one time upon the habitable face of the earth, and concludes, that the number of the former exceeds the latter at least ten times.