Property in Delft owned by members
of Leeuwenhoek's extended family

Markt 25

This property is next to (south of) the Stadhuis. On its west side, the corner Markt 23A next door, Sijmon Borbon grew up in the house of his father Pontus, a peddler. Was it bought later, after Simon had already gone to sea? See timeline for 1670 09/09. On the other side is Markt 27; see Achter de Gevels.

Markt 71

Iron seller Walich Jacobs sold (4s165) the property to leather worker Barent van Frijtum (1663-1720 or 1733), who married Magdaleentje (Helena) Maertens Leeuwenhoek (1653-1720) in 1687. Two weeks after van Frijtum's goods were inventoried on 1716 04/07 (notary Cornelis van der Sleyden, ONA inv. 2528B, fol. 89), he sold (5v022v) it to Michiel Reijniers van Hasseld (1664-1704) and Margareta Maertens Leeuwenhoek (1661-1743), Helena's sister, on 1716 04/25 (notary Cornelis van der Sleyden, ONA inv. 2528B, fol. 131). She passed (6f120v) it on to their daughter Johanna van Hasselt, widow of Aalbert Kool, who sold it to Dr. Box.

Molslaan 106

Abraham Maertens Hogenhouck (1580-1641) and Thonis Jans van Neck, tobacco merchant, paid the 1632 - 1654 Verponding 328r3. Neck owned C144 adjacent and with frontage on Moslaan.

Molslaan 134

Abraham Maertens Hogenhouck (1580-1641) and Thonis Jans van Neck, tobacco merchant, paid the 1632 - 1654 Verponding 328r3

Nieuwe Langendijk 84

Elias de Meij (-1646) is listed first, then his daughter Maria de Meij. Elias paid the 1620 verponding OAD inv. 1755 fol. 192R2

Nieuwstraat 18

Antony van Leeuwenhoek bought this property adjoining his house on the Hippolytusbuurt with Carl Serval on May 8, 1708 - ORA Delft 5R, deel III, fol. 75. Serval also owned an adjoining property and they split this. Leeuwenhoek got the back half adjoining his property.

Oosteinde 248

Elias de Meij (-1646), saytrapier, paid both verpondings 219v2 and 227v2. Antony paid the 1632-1654 verponding, also. Elias gave it to Antony and wife Barbara de Meij, 11 May 1655, notary Johannes Ranck. Antony's daughter inherited it from her father. She bequeathed it to _____ in her will of _______. House name: Groene Velt

Oosteinde 252

Margrita de Meij paid the 1632-1654 verponding 227r2. Maria de Meij (1626-1676) bequeathed this property, aka Vooromme, in a will made on 1669 10/08 (notary Paul Durven ONA Delft inv. 2237, fol. ??) to her niece (sister Barbara de Meij's daughter) Maria Thonis Leeuwenhoek (1656-1745). Maria Leeuwenhoek bequeathed it in her will of 1744 05/20 (notary Willem van der Lely ONA Delft inv. 2753, fol. 19) to her maid Maria van der Sprenkel. D0027 to the south was owned by Mathijs van Kempen (407v2/5x057). To the north was the delftware factory the Lampetkan.

Oosteinde 56

Antony's boyhood home, bequeathed by grandfather Thonis to uncle Huijch. Fronts on Oosteinde, across the alley from E0056. Referred to as Leeuwenpoort Vooromme. When did grandfather Thonis buy E0056 and E0079?

Oosteinde 58

Thonis Philips Leeuwenhoek, Antony's grandfather, owned three properties near the Oostpoort, E0056, E0073, and E0079. E0056 fronts on Oosteinde right across the alley from E0073 and extends behind the houses, as a garden?, to the back side of the Klaeuwshofje. The alley was replaced by another about 50 feet farther northwest.