Property in Delft owned by members
of Leeuwenhoek's extended family

Voorstraat 19

In the 1640's, this house was owned by Adolf Croesert, who was revealed in 2006 as the stern Burgher in Jan Steen's painting (right). Croesent sold it (3v004v) to Adriaen Everts van Bleijswijck, who was married to Clara Abrahams Hogenhouck. She and Leeuwenhoek had the same great-grandmother, Neeltje Jans Hogenhouck. Two owners later, it went to Johannes Swalmius (1664-1693), medical doctor and nephew of Leeuwenhoek's second wife Cornelia. Swalmius  bought it from Hendrick van der Eem in 1693 and sold it to Willem Niclaes van Assendelft in 1694. Assendelft sold...

Voorstraat 42

Pieter Abrahams Hogenhouck (-1679), brewer, is listed on the 1585-1648 huizenprotocol OAD inv. 731 fol. 163V1 sale letter 3W188 and the 1632-1654 verponding 041r4

Voorstraat 64

Adriaen Johannes Swalmius (1631-1667), Cornelia's doctor brother, and his wife owned it according to the will “insertedt” in the sale letter 6b023v

Voorstraat 8

Engelbert Graswinckel van Maeslant's widow Margareta Maertens Hogenhouck (1588-1648) (Antony's great-grandmother Neeltje's neice) gave it to their son Maerten 1639 05/03 as part of his father's estate. He gave it to his son Engelbert 05-1679 05/01. Maerten paid the 1632 - 1654 verponding. (two nodes for Margareta?)

Wateringsevest 24

Pieter Abrahams Hogenhouck (-1679) owned this probably as an investment and rented it out because his main residence was E0542bis now Koornmarkt 43.

Westplantsoen 2

Maerten Jans Hogenhouck (1550-1613) bought it from the brother of his nephew's wife. That is, seller Joost's sister Neeltje Jacobs van Adrichem was married to Pieter Sebastians van den Berch who was the son of Sebastian Cornelis van den Berch and Neeltje Jans Hogenhouck, sister of buyer Maerten Jans Hogenhouck. The property was a couple hundred meters along the Buitenwatersloot, beyond the edge of development even in 1832, about 150 meters beyond A0129-0131.

Zuiderstraat 256

Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek (1631-1694) bequeathed it to Margaretha Leeuwenhouck his widow as on folio 111 verso. The property had a common history with the others until Maerten sold E131 separately.