Property in Delft owned by members
of Leeuwenhoek's extended family

Oosterstraat 69

Abraham Maertens Hogenhouck (1580-1641) is on the 1585-1648 huizenprotocol OAD inv. 731 fol. 039v1 sale letter 3f004.

Oranje Plantage 79

Thonis Philips Leeuwenhoek (-1643) and his son Huijch Thonis Leeuwenhoek (-1699), both basketmakers, paid the 1632-1654 verponding 271r4, 271v2. Huijch is the owner listed twice in ORA 281-283 housing protocol, marked in the margin with 2 (351r1) and 4 (351r2). E0079 fronts on Oosteinde. The large area now the school and bordering on the Klaeuwshofje (built 1605) may have been a garden. It was across the alley (now gone) from E0056. See 1649 map.

Oude Delft 157 (behind 161)

Jan Pieters Hogenhouck (-1651) got it by decree from Dirck Jacobs van Houten in 1634. He paid the 1585-1648 huizenprotocol OAD inv. 731 fol. 264r1d and the 1620-1632 verponding 475r3. Jan Pieters Hogenhouck, Pieter Jans Hogenhouck, and Pieter Molijn, deurwaerder, are all listed as paying the 1632-1654 verponding 485r1, 485r2. Jan Pieters sold it to Pieter Molijn 4d127v for 2650gl. His widow sold it in 1663 to Maerten Abrahams Hogenhouck (1617-1673) 4n239v 2225gl. Hugo d'Gravesande (x Margareta Maertens Hogenhouck) had it later. See Achter de Gevels, which notes (my translation): In 1663 the house was the property of the brewer Maerten Hogenhouck. He paid 6000 guilders for it. He later bought two small houses on the former cloister grounds behind it. In 1673 his daughter Margaretha inherited the house. She was married to Huge 's Gravesande. They did not live there because in 1674 Cornelis Bogaert...

Oude Delft 197

Henricus Swalmius (1578-1649), a pastor and Cornelia's great-uncle, lived here from 1621-1628 before moving to Haarlem; see Achter de Gevels. He is listed on the 1585 - 1648 huizenprotocol, OAD inv. 731 fol. 260r1

Oude Delft 253

Great-uncle Johan (Jan) Sebastians van den Berch (1570-1644) owned it and paid the 1632-1654 verponding 520r1.

Oude Delft 26

Cornelis Maertens Hogenhouck (-1656) paid the 1620-1632 verponding 455r3 and the 1632-1654 verponding 466r2. The entry references E0537 now Koornmarkt 41a - “see folio 935”. The back end of E0541 is close enough to the back end of E0538 now Koornmarkt 41 that the gardens may have been connected in the 1600's. The progression of owners and sales letters was the same for all three properties: Hogenhouck, de Bock/van Leeuwen, Keiser, Overschie.

Oude Delft 47

Abraham Maertens Hogenhouck (1580-1641) paid the 1585-1648 huizenprotocol OAD inv. 731 fol. 286r2 after 285zv. The house is on the Monumentnummer list.

Oude Delft 73

Maria Maertens Hogenhouck (1648-1720) and husband Anthony Wevering got this property when he was mayor in a scheiding from the Beresteijn family. Notary Pieter Coel. They gave it to their daughter, Sophia, widow of Johan Adriaan Theirens, in 1719. See Achter de Gevels.

Oude Delft 97

Lambrecht (1624-1701) paid the 1632-1654 verponding 474r3. He gave it to his son Maarten (1659-1742), who gave it to his 3 unmarried children, the last of whom, Adriana (1691-1767), gave it to last surviving sibling Eva (1701-1776), who gave it to husband Arnoud Carlier (-1780). Notaries Cornelis de Man (February 21, 1730, February 16, 1740), Th.Schrevelius te Leiden (1733), Hendrick Halder (1767) O.R.A. seems to have dates out of order, 1733 after 1767. The Buitenwatersloot properties A0129-0131 have the same history.

Oude Langendijk 22

Great uncle Johan Sebastiaans (d 1644) or uncle Johan Jacobs?