editor Edmond Halley did not publish any letters by Leeuwenhoek in Philosophical Transactions from 1685 to 1693

August 27, 1685

Leeuwenhoek's Letter 45 of March 30, 1685, was published by outgoing editor Robert Musgrave in Philosophical Transactions volume 15 number 174 on August 27, 1685.

Musgrave was succeed by Edmond Halley, who was elected one of the Society's clerks in January 1686 and was editor of Philosophical Transactions for volume 16, which took from then until 1693 to publish twelve numbers, 179 - 191. No numbers were published from 1687 untill 1691.

Halley did not publish any letters by Leeuwenhoek, as explained in more detail on the page discussing Period 3 of Leeuwenhoek's letter-writing career. Perhaps partly in response, Leeuwenhoek began to more frequently publish his own volumes of letters.

Richard Waller began volume 17 with number 196 in January 1693. He published excerpts from two letters that Leeuwenhoek had sent to the Royal Society over a decade earlier: Letter 30 of April 5, 1680, and Letter 31 of May 13, 1680.

Halley was editor again from 1715 to 1719. He published only one letter that he had inherited from Waller.