The Royal Society read and discussed the latter part of Letter L-152 salt in various wines, mixtures of tartar, crabs eyes, or chalk with wine, and the difference between salts in wines and salts in chalk stones of gout

February 7, 1685

Birch, History, vol. IV, p. 361, 28 January 1684/5 (O.S.) in London:

The latter part of Mr. LEEWENHOECK's letter to the society of January 5, 1685 was read, concerning the various figures of salt in Moselle wine, sherry, Hockamore, Pincow, Garence, Goteau, Tousain, Citereuse, and high Country wines: as also the figures resulting from the mixtures of tartar, crabs eyes, or chalk with several wines; the difference of the figures of the salts found in wines from the salts found in chalk stones bred by the gout, &c.

Dr. LISTER remarked, that Mr. LEEWENHOECK gave a new explication of the effects of chalk on vinegar, viz. by making the salts go together, which were before dispersed: and that some salts were made flexible, which he had never seen.