The Royal Society read the latter part of Letter L-147 about the crystalline humour of bird and fish eyes, the vitreous humour, the cornea tunica, and the colour of a Blackamore

June 14, 1684

Birch, History, vol. IV, p. 300, 4 June 1684 (O.S.) in London:

There was read the latter part of Mr. LEEWENHOECK's letter of April 14, 1684, concerning the crystalline humour of the eyes of birds and fishes; the vitreous humour; the cornea tunica; and the colour of a Blackamore.

As to the moistness of the cornea, Dr. GREW said, that it proceeded only from the glandules in the eye; and that no part of it transudated through the cornea, as Mr. LEEWENHOECK thought might be probable, upon observing the eye parched with the fire.

With regard to the colour of Blackamores, Dr. LISTER remarked, that it had been affirmed to be from a blackness in the blood, which he desired might be carefully inquired into, there being so much opportunity of doing it.

He said, that there was an ape in the Indies whose blood died a purple colour.