Wrote Letter L-016 of 1674-10-19 to Henry Oldenburg about eggs in the bile of cow, sheep, rabbits and poultry, the structure of metals, skin, and the bladder, and theories about the sense of taste.

October 19, 1674
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Text of the letter in the original Dutch and in English translation from Alle de Brieven. The Collected Letters at the DBNL - De Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren

Leeuwenhoek wrote this letter to Henry Oldenburg about worms and (possibly) protozoa in animal bile; metals, skin, bladders, and taste.

Dobell, p. 220, offers the descriptions in this letter as the first of the "Sporozoa or upon any parasitic protozoon ... oocysts of the coccidian Eimeria stiedae."