Made mortgage payment (first of eight) on the Gulden Hoofd

May 7, 1655

Leeuwenhoek bought the Gulden Hoofd from the widow of furrier Frans Leenderts van Helden.

The purchase price was 5,000 guilders. The first thousand was supposed to have been paid when the sales letter was written in February. This document refers to its re-scheduling. The eldest son Leendert was living in it with a rental contract that ran through May. Leeuwenhoek and Barbara could not move in until then. Nor did Leeuwenhoek have to begin paying until he was living in the house.

On May 7, Leeuwenhoek met Grietje Jans Kool and probably her new husband Cornelis Joosten van der Leeuw at the Weeskamer, the room to the left after they entered the Stadhuis. Leeuwenhoek made the first payment, for 1,000 guilders cash, against the capital sum. He still owed 4,000 guilders, so on that day he also presented a mortgage in that amount to Grietge Jans.

The orphan masters stored the mortgage in Drawer (lade) 3.

After that, every time Leeuwenhoek made a payment, the orphan masters noted it and how it would be divided among the remaining minor children.


WKD inv. 464 fol. 168v Registers van inschrijving van wezen en halfwezen 1646-1660 (my translation)

Afterwards, the house and the inheritance of the late Frans Leenderts van Helden was sold by Grietge Jans, the children's mother, in addition to Cornelis Joosten van der Leeuw, her present husband, to Anthonij Leeuwenhoeck for the sum of five thousand caroli guilders counting ten hundred guilders cash at the time of the assignment (opdracht), all broader (breder?) in the terms of purchase. On the 16 February 1655 the seller and buyer signed and as described here on page 141 specialy is connected for the children's father's inheritance as neither for the sum of four hundred guilders with the previously mentioned children’s mother on the 24th of March 1654 according to the above Act of consent of date 24 Feb. 1654 until the decline of the children's upbringing rose on interest, so it was found that the previously mentioned ten hundred guilders was rescheduled and the previously mentioned buyer was brought to the chamber here, the forenamed Leeuwenhoeck has delivered them on the 7th of May alongside the mortgage letter of four thousand guilders capital being the remaining purchase sum by him the forenamed children for Schepenen of the city fitted. and is from the previously mentioned ten hundred guilders first repaid the captital of four hundred guilders. at the children's mother as slogged on the 24th of March 1654 here in camera, about fourteen months interest of that between twenty-three guilders and six stuijvers but remaining five hundred and seventy-six guilders forty penny on the same for the five still underage ...